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(Corsairia, Corsairian, Corsairians)


Corsairia was establishing in 989 by the first Pirate Queen, Isia Bervo.

The isle of Tymenas was once a Sea Elven sanctuary and place of trade. They had amassed great riches. As the Sea Elves weakened, a huge force of pirates under Isia Bervo gathered from all around the Emerald Ocean and sacked the city. The Sea Elves fled, and many of the pirates stayed. Corsairia scraped up the dregs of three continents in its founding, and dregs continue to drift into her ports even to this day.



Corsairia isn't a single contiguous state. The primary island of Tymenas is warm and welcoming, tall stone hills covered in dark hardwood forests. Tymenas is a rich, long settled land, with many old ruins and large herds of half-feral livestock.

In the far north, Corsairia controls the Malong peninsula, which borders the Shivan. Much trade flows through these ports.

In the east, the island of Stahl gives a safe harbor to ships passing north of Vilnian Land. Stahl is rocky and mostly cliffs, except for one excellent harbor. The island is home to many large flying monsters, who prey in the nearby sea or upon the surrounding isles. It also serves as a place of ransom for captives. The island is home to a massive seaside prison labyrinth.

In the northwest, Corsairia controls the Kingdom of Astar, which trades heavily with Umjaden. Once an independent state and enemy of Umjaden, Astar fell to Corsairian pirates after a long war with Umjaden had exhausted them. The pirates freebooters remain, trading food from the hardworking local farmers for loot from far lands.

In the west, Corsairian pirates sized the port of Rhos from the Kingdom of Gaer. The local pirates control much the surrounding countryside, though the hostile forest slowly encroaches upon the port city and neglected farmland.

Several smaller islands fall under Corsairian control.

Corsairia has warm, humid summers with steady rains. Winters are cool but it never snows.


What are the common folk like?

Anarchic, riotous, often drunk, quick to fight, but some of the most free people in the world. Corsairians are more at home at sea than on land.

There are few proper leaders. Those of some reputation will suggest a course of action, and band together a group of like-minded followers to get that thing done. However, most decisions are made by majority vote, with the leader commanding in battle, chases, crises, and breaking ties.

There are almost no laws; and no desire for any. There are agreements made between parties, and a general sense that any one person is as good as any other, but any rights are enforced at the point of a sword.

Locals dress in a riotous polyglot of fashions from around the globe. Usually as nicely as possible, since most of a given resident's wealth is worn on their person.


Almost any language can be spoken here. The common language is called Corsair, which is actually Elven with a number of Jadenar words and curses thrown in. Anyone who speaks Elven can pick up Corsair swiftly.


Kylee and Cheleria are universally worshiped, and often have temples made side by side. Dra is very popular, though he has no temples (he doesn't need any). Vigos and Avaruum are also worshiped here.

Every Corsairian pays respects to Kylee and Cheleria, even if they primarily follow another god. Powerful priests of Kylee and Cheleria command a lot of respect in Corsairia, and can easily band together massive groups of followers to get things accomplished.

The current most powerful priestess is a Sea Elven priestess of Kylee called Alysso, mistress of the Pirate King.


As little as possible. Often groups of pirates will band together to form fleets under a fearsome leader. The dozen or so most formidable of these leaders are called the Pirate Lords. Usually the richest among their number is the Pirate King, a title with much reputation but little real power.

The current Pirate King is a dashing half-elf called Fen Redblade.

There aren't really laws as such. The citizens themselves will enforce agreements or 'what they think is right', though they are easily swayed by bribes or liquor.

Foreign Relations

Umjaden often hires Corsairian ships as mercenaries, as they have not had their own navy in four hundred years, since the Corsairians sank half of it and captured the rest.

Umjaden occasionally tries to conquer Corsairia, but the local folk hate being ruled and swiftly rebel. The Shivan sometimes fight folk who they don't like, but not on a national level. Gaer resents the loss of Rhos and low-level conflict there simmers still. Other seafaring powers usually hate the Corsairians, as they raid almost everyone's ships and ports without apology.

The Sea Elves are ancient enemies, as are the silver ships of New Skos.

The Gnomish warships of Crythentarc are universally hated. The view every Corsairian ship as a foe, and attack on sight. Worse, they treat the well respected priests of Kylee as heretics, a practice which horrifies the Corsairians.

Overseas, several huge pirate fleets banded together and sized the island of Cathan, which they still maintain as a base despite their defeat the Battle of Wellfore.

Usually, Corsairians are indifferent and opportunistic where foreigners are concerned. Most other nations are either places to raid, a temporary employer to be cheated, or a source of fresh crew.


Corsairia has no formal military, but it does have large bands of heavily armed, highly motivated mobs acting out of economic self-interest or drunken courage.

Their navy is probably the largest on the planet, but is disorganized and is usually scattered.

Almost any intelligent race that can get along with others might be found among their crews. Snakemen serving alongside Minotuars working with Dwarves sailing with Elves led by a one-legged Goblin. Nothing is shocking here.


Sorcery is common here; as few wizards with a desire for study mesh well with the riotous Corsairians. There are a number of powerful sea and air priests; along with the occasional witch. Bards are common, as there are many good stories here. Sea druids inhabit many of the remote islands, and sometimes will sign on with a Corsairian crew. Sea priests and oracles of the waves are the most common users of divine magic in the region.


Maec, largest port on Tymenas. By far the largest city in Corsairia and a teeming free port, located on the east side of the island. Ships from all around the seas come here, to trade or to arm for another expedition. There are no laws, no port authorities, no taxes ... even 'enemy' ships can dock here in small numbers, provided they don't try to take over. The city has a huge number of grog shops, in addition to many facilities for building and repairing sailing vessels. The horseshoe shaped harbor has a gigantic, tumbledown temple of Kylee on one horn, the temple of Cheleria on the other. Both temples were once Sea Elven palaces.

Quathelon, second city of Tymenas. Half the size of Maec, Quathelon is far more secure, with a deep harbor sheltered far inland. Quathelon builds a massive amount of sailing vessels, harvesting the abundant tall trees that surround the city.

Rhos, western port city. Teeming with orcs and Half-Orcs. Rhos is a former city of Gaer, and as such there are many magical constructs and curiosities here. Those orcs with an interest in the free life of a pirate are drawn here, where they can easily find a ship for Maec or another port.

Polus, free port of the Malong peninsula. Right in exotic trades from the Shivan, and a good place to recruit a mercenary tribe of warriors for landward raids. Polus is the most mercantile of the Corsairian cities; doing more trading than piracy.

Hammandark, main port of Astar. For centuries a foe of Umjaden, Astar fell under Corsairian rule after finally winning a long, devastating war with their northern neighbors. Exhausted, the Astarans have never rebelled, as the Corsairian yoke is light and preferable to being ruled by Umjaden. Hammandark is the breadbasket of Corsaria, exporting food to the rest of the isles.

Sable Harbor, only port of Stahl island. Since the island is quite inaccessible, hostages are often kept here until their ransoms are paid, or until they are forgotten about. The inland part of the city actually hosts a sizable herding and farming community, and many small craftsmen.

Dozens of tiny port towns dot the coasts and islands of Corsairia. About a third are ghost towns, abandoned because the weather changed, or because a better place was found, or because a fleet went off on a long raid.


Many famous (or infamous) personalities hail from Corsairia.

Isia Bervo, who established Corsairia; Blackscale, the lizardman berseker, Stormhand the firbolg sorcerer, Wyllda Fain, Trace Redmaw, Little Pip, the ruthless Flen raider, and of course One-eye Orgu, the pyromaniacal orc alchemist.


Almost anything that can talk and get along with other races can be found here.


Almost anything can be found here, though wizards, monks, and lawful Paladins are not common.