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Lore of the Kingdoms: A guide to the Kingdoms of Galhadria, their gods, lands, customs, races, and history.

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Deities of the Kingdoms

The pantheon of the gods of the Kingdoms; including the nine gods of alignment, the four elemental gods, and the minor gods.

Kingdoms of the World

The Kingdoms and regions of the continents of Avantarra, Eian, New Skos, Mahoudibar and Valea.

History of the Kingdoms

The epic history of the Northern Kingdoms of Eian.

World Maps

Many different maps of the wide world, from various eras.


A timeline of events of the known world.


Things that don't fit anywhere else.

"And Uhel did take up his hammer to forge the World. And when he had struck the World nine times nine blows, he cast it spinning into the sky."

--The Forging of the World